Darkmoon Vale

The road so far...
Campaign story part 1

The road so far…

The party comes together over a common threat, Falcon’s Hollow’s water supply. They defeat a group of Kobolds led by a Ogre mercenary, but are unable to save the town’s water from being tainted by Blackscour Mushrooms, which in turn creates Blackscour Taint in the water. After a interrogation gone wrong, the party succumbs to the Blackscour Taint as well. Falling unconscious at the edge of town.

The party comes to, fully healed and disease free. Lady Cinthana, as well as the town’s trusted alchemist, Laurel approached them about rescuing a group of children allegedly kidnapped outside of town. Following the trail, they ended up at a fallen Orphanage where they were assaulted by a spider family. After the minor scare, the group followed the trail further into Darkmoon Wood, eventually arriving at Droskar’s Crucible.

The group battled through Kobolds, undead, and other hideous monsters as they pressed further into the fallen Dwarven monastery. As they ventured they found not only the children, but also a separate group of adventurers who were overwhelmed by the small savages while searching for treasure. Some survived and joined the group, others would leave to pursue their goals, a few didn’t make it. In the end however, the Kobold King Merkolep and his followers were slain, and even the mercenary Mazorn turned on his small employers and took up his Greataxe in the party’s name. The remainder surrendered to the Sorcerer Glamriel, and he became their (reluctant) King.

The party headed back to Falcon’s Hollow with kids in tow when they were stopped by a mysterious man with dark red eyes. They were the pitted against a Cleric of Asmodeus and her zombie slaves – which turned out to be the party that had cured the Blackscour Taint and started the search for the children before the PC’s were tasked with the endeavor. With a heavy heart, the group slayed the enemies before them but were unable to find the cause of the ambush.

The PC’s returned victorious from their quest, and for a second the town known for grim deeds and unending despair rejoiced happily as there young were returned safe. But the journey of this heroic group has only begun.


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