An ambitious and clever young sorcerer, Glamriel has chosen to become an adventurer, both to lay claim to his birthright and to obtain profound insight into the magical blood that courses through his veins.



Glamriel is a half-elf and hails from the distant land of Taldor. His father, Lord Moldoran, is one of the “Bearded,” the senatorial class that governs Taldor, called so because only they can legally grow beards, and ruler of a moderately-sized prefecture in the eastern part of the nation. His mother is the powerful witch and adventurer, Lady Teneris of Irrisen, an Arctic elf, who has been absent from Glamriel’s life since his birth. He stands taller than most humans, as is common of the half-elven, and has inherited traits from both of his parents; he has the light olive skin tone and strong facial structure of his father, and from his mother his silver-white hair, dark blue eyes, pointed ears, magical propensity and Elvish name. Glamriel is a sorcerer of the Elemental bloodline (Water), and as such practices water and ice magic and is a skilled user of the crossbow. Though he puts off an air of aloofness and superiority, clothed in the royal robes of his homeland, he is friendly and helpful to those who require his puissant abilities.

Though his paternal heredity and innate magical powers would have put him well on his way to becoming one of the Bearded himself, his elf blood does not sit well with many of the current governing elite. So, therefore, with a heavy heart, Lord Moldoran has sent his son away, to prove himself a true member of the nobility through the obtaining of wealth, fame, and power. Determined to make his father proud and claim his birthright, he has now chosen to pursue the life of an adventurer, and becomes more well known each day, as the whispers of his party’s great deeds spread. A true seeker of arcane might, Glamriel grows stronger as he learns more about the nature of his bloodline and its origins and knows that he will one day master his gifts.

Recently, the sorcerer’s travels have led him to the depressing and dangerous place known as Darkmoon Vale, in the pioneer logging town of Falcon’s Hollow, where he found himself, reluctantly, with an adventuring party when he ran out of gold to fund his pursuits. While Glamriel clashed at first with the much more grounded and rough personalities of his companions, his talents soon proved greatly appreciated, and he slowly warmed up to his fellow peers, though their taste in food and style still disagree with him, especially that of the Sarenrae cleric, Kalista. Her arrival reminded Glamriel of his distaste in divine magic, as the worship of Sarenrae is banned in Taldor, and while her healing hand is welcome, he plans to keep his distance whenever possible. ….to be continued…


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