Thurzig Oakgem

Reserved and mostly likes to be in nature and animals of the un-evil nature. Enjoys adventure and a good, deep-hooded cloak.






Born in Highhelm, one of the city-states inside the Five Kings Mountain, you felt a need to wander even at a young age, but only when you neared adulthood that you found a way to channel the wanderlust you have always felt, to see what is beyond the massive mountain that you have called home. A chance encounter with a Greenfire Druid gave you a chance to prove you were ready to leave Highhelm, and with a heavy heart your parents allowed you to go. Training for years, the powers of a druid were harder to harness for you, but your innate stubborn nature eventually paid off. As payment for your training, you are sent to Falcon’s Hollow to report the progress of the Lumber Consortium’s mission to harvest the darkwood inside Darkmoon Wood, and the recent fey attacks among its people.

Thurzig Oakgem

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